A Home Away From Home – Hostel: 
The school provides residential facilities for boys and girls on campus. All the hostels are well appointed and have all the facilities that help the children live and grow in an environment that they can identify as their home. Trained staff members, including a housemistress and a housemaster, along with a whole range of support staff, are entrusted with the well being of the children and to ensure that the needs of our pupils are fully met. The school places much emphasis on the importance of students taking responsibility for themselves, and for each other, within a very carefully supervised framework.
For our boarders, the hostel is also home and as such provides every facility for study, leisure and a flourishing sense of community, which can add so much to school days and later life. The sense of security and loyalty engendered by the hostel life finds expression in many ways, and creates a healthy desire to excel in competition with the other houses, whether on the sports field, in the arts or in academic attainment. Friendships and mutual support play a large part in school life, and this is reflected in the boarding accommodation we provide.

Important points:

·      Parent’s meeting are allowed on last Saturday of each month at 10 am.

·      Day outing with parents is allowed on last Sunday of each month.

·      Meeting of parents with their wards is allowed on Sundays only.

·      Children can contact their parents over office telephone is allowed once in a month on every first Saturday at 7.00 pm to 8:00 pm under the guidance of hostel warden.

·       Test Exam to be taken by concerned teacher of each subject taught in coaching in every month as per the convenience of teacher.

·       English speaking & personality development programme for hostellers takes place twice in a week from 4.00pm to 5:00 pm every Monday & Tuesday.

·       Extempore debate/ speech among hostellers on different topics (Subjective/ moral) held once in a month.

·       Sports activities/competition takes place as per schedule as decided by PTI.

·       Yoga class takes place at 5am on every Saturday & Sunday under the guidance of yoga teacher

·      Movie is shown to the children twice in a month on [email protected] 3rd Sunday for entertainment