Every new beginning brings a fresh hope and this hope brings a desire and a longing to achieve the best. Education these days is not simply the amount of information acquired or put in the brain of children. The success of student doesn’t entail the mere acquisition of knowledge. Even a high percentage of marks in exams is not a guarantee that our students will become successful in life. It will depend upon their ability to put this knowledge to use for their bright future. Our Institution endeavors to ensure an all round development of the personalities of our students.d

We had an excellent, coordinated, transitional year and this year too we are in a phase, where we are laying more emphasis on inculcating a contemporary outlook with traditional values. At Ghaziabad Public School, we are striving to develop high standards of national and international competency level upholding the view that along with high spirits of competence, an individual should also be humble and down to earth.  Just as raw clay is shaped by the potter we need to mould them and develop their personalities. They are like buds each with its unique fragrance and colour and with infinite possibilities of bright future on the horizon of life. I feel proud to say that the school provides conductive atmosphere for the overall development of the children and exposes them to creative experiences. By doing so, we give them the gift of a rich and memorable childhood while laying the foundation for a lifetime creative expression.

I wish that all of them find their own place under the sun. May God in every human being surface and understand as well as nourish the humanity and planet earth.


Krishna Yadav