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Ghaziabad Public School Quest
The earth is but one country
We are learning this today
And all mankind its citizens
These words will show the way
For all of us to truly learn
Our talents and worth
So we can build a new world order
Here on earth
We have all been likened to leaves upon one tree
Flowers of one garden
Waves upon one sea
Brilliant shining stars
Radiant candle rays of light
Birds singing in the garden day and night.
Make the nations one
Let Religions all agree
Be occupied with service
To all humanity
For nothing less than unity can satisfy our minds
So tell the world about the oneness of mankind
People are singing
HavenĀ“t you heard
A new day is dawing, we have brand new world. [/quote]


ll ideas begin with an objective. An objective always has a commitment to the future. From last so many years, GPS Quest has endeavoured to achieve excellence in the education it imparts to the students. We have set goals to enable our students to be competent in all fields to meet the challanges of this competitive age. A stimulating academic environment, dynamic curriculum and a high moral character, are the hallmark of school.